On Slab

Disclaimers: I didn’t sit in court,   I didn’t follow the case that closely and I’ve no more knowledge of the life and times of Slab Murphy than anyone else who hasn’t met him. More than that, I was surprised at the timing of the sentencing, and figure it shouldn’t have taken place when it did.
So all that said, where do I stand?
I understand that the senior echelons of Sinn Fein,  for reasons both personal,  and of realpolitik in South Armagh,  can’t condone a friend. That’s understandable. My problem is this, the conviction appears to be sound (Special Criminal Court perhaps notwithstanding),  so why the grandstanding of ordinary Twitter  republicans? The man has been found guilty of defrauding the state over a prolonged period, when the State has been at its most economically frail. When that fragility has contributed to emigration,  homelessness, high direct and indirect taxes that weighed down heavily on the poor, and a creaking health system to name a few issues.
Why, in these circumstances, is the cry “but what about the bankers? “?
The fact that certain people may not have been charged as the public might like should never distract us from justice being served where it ought to be. It’s not a place for whataboutery.
If there are bankers, or politicians,  or media magnates guilty of something, let’s haul them through the courts too. That doesn’t preclude us from punishing others. If it did, then the logical step is to argue that until the bankers are punished, nobody should be punished.


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