On Thomas Begley

Is Gerry Kelly some sort of  sacrificial lamb?  Or more likely  sacrificial wolf in Gerry’s case. Either way he’s doing a prolonged lunatic solo run,  or SF are prepared to use him solely as a counterpoint to every offensive and hare brained PUL initiative. 
Is there a more totemic figure of hatred in the loyalist community than Thomas Begley? I can’t think of one. Indeed it almost seems like he’s used his trump card in this escalating nonsense too quickly.
That aside,  we need to be clear on the facts. There isn’t a parade. There’s simply an unveiling of a plaque.  No loyalist will be in sight or earshot of the whole thing. I’m sure a few local residents will be annoyed by it,  but we tend not to think of them (and we should).
On Begley himself,  well,  there isn’t a logical reason for Provisionals not to commemorate him. He was,  as they say,  following orders. The guilt of the act belongs to his leaders. If he’d  blown himself up while making a bomb in his shed he’d still probably get a plaque (are all dead provos to get one?).
I think Gerry Kelly called him a victim today. He is a victim. A victim of the PIRA.

2 thoughts on “On Thomas Begley

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